What is a Good Healthy Diet and The Paleo Diet Recipes

Anybody who has been looking for a good balanced diet may have known of primal living and the Paleo diet. Primal living uses the theory which our diet and exercise regiment must be based around nature and our natural surroundings. The Paleo diet uses the concept that if our ancestor, the caveman, could eat it then so can we. The two are alike in notion, which is why many people following primal living are also following the Paleo diet.

What is In – and What’s Not

If we take a look at the Paleo diet and what we can, and can’t eat, it might seem overly draconian at first sight. It really isn’t. The dietary plan permits you to eat everything and anything that may be hunted or foraged – exactly the things cavemen would have eaten. This means grass-fed meat, fish, chicken and other poultry, eggs, nuts, fruit, vegetables, plants, oils and tubers. What you CAn’t eat are grains, dairy products, processed food and such. For many, the biggest challenge will be to eradicate grains from their diet – no more rice, pasta and bread.

Measure – by – Measure

For many, the thought of bound full on to the Paleo diet could just be too much to think about. Well, if that’s the case, and it will be for a lot of people, it is worth easing yourself into it, starting using a quasi-Paleo diet should you prefer. Possibly you are not ready to give up some types of food yet, or cannot manage grassfed meat. OK, so do not give up completely, only reduce the amount little by little until you are prepared to cut it out of your diet completely. And purchase as much, or as little, grass-fed meat as you are able to afford. Make small changes to your diet plan and, step-by-step, you will discover it better to make the leap one day. Do not forget, 20% fitter is better than 0% fitter!

80% System

An alternative will be to follow along with the 80% system. This means following the Paleo diet all week, and then allowing yourself a day at the weekend to enjoy the things you’ve missed during the week. Obviously, don’t go crazy and undo all your good work, but do let yourself have a treat.

Dispose of Temptation

One other great suggestion would be to eliminate the temptation. What this means is clearing out your fridge and cupboards of all those tempting snacks and matters you can not have on the Paleo diet. This can help you resist temptation at those times you believe you might be weakening.

Utilizing the above to assist you, you’ll discover that it is a lot easier to follow the Paleo diet than you could have pictured.

Should you’d like even more info on primal living and also the Paleo diet, take a gander at Living Well. [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BvILj3KZbW0&w=320&h=266%5D


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